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Vendor Pre-Sale Report

Vendor Pre-Sale Reports are the ideal way to facilitate the smooth and speedy sale of your property.


A Vendor Pre-Sale Report can be carried out in the form of Building Inspection Report, Pest Inspection Report and/or Strata Inspection Report. These reports are exactly the same as a pre-purchase property report that a purchaser obtains from our inspection company. The way that our Vendor reports are structured ensures that the reports are a trusted independent report for the Purchaser which is covered by our insurance.


Vendore Reports offer many advantages to the Vendor with the main advantages being 24/7 access to reports for Purchasers making the process fast and simple in order to enable last minute interested parties to participate without hesitation in sale negotiations. The advantages for the Purchaser include a considerable cost saving.


Vendor reports can take the stress out of selling and buying a home by speeding up the process and ensuring everyone who is possibly interested in a property has full access to reliable and accurate building reports, pest reports and strata reports.


Vendor reports are carried out for a fee of $50 with the balance payable by the successful purchaser if they purchased a report from Childs Property Inspections.  If the property doesn’t complete or the Purchaser hasn’t obtained a report from us then the balance is payable by the Vendor.  Find more information here:


For further details and advantages in our Vendor Pre-Sale reports please contact us on 1300760325.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection & Pest Report
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