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Inspections – Behind the Scenes


After over 21 years of inspecting properties the team at Childs Property Inspections have quite a few stories to tell.  You may be surprised to hear that inspecting homes is not always a glamorous job!  Here are our Top 5 behind the scenes stories…..

1.You may read a report that says that the inspection was inhibited by excessive stored goods……. now you would probably picture a neatly made bed blocking the view of a wall or maybe some clothes folded on a shelf in the laundry.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  It is in fact sometimes this horror picture of a bedroom (see picture below) that clearly has not had the sheets washed since Tom Cruise was a fresh new face in Hollywood. And it would seem the resident didn’t like the colour of their carpet so maybe got decorating inspiration from Coca-Cola and Gin!  If you want to play Spot-O you may be able to see the bottle of cologne on the table to ensure they smelt nice each day!


“Excessive Stored Goods inhibited a full inspection of the bedroom at the time of the inspection”


2.You may think that we are generally greeted at the door with a welcoming smile.  Well, mostly this is true, however unfortunately one of our inspectors was greeted with a gun.  Yes a GUN!  You start explaining why you’re there very quickly when presented with this situation.  Thankfully this story ended without incident.


3. Fleas!  Yes, fleas are a common hazard of inspecting.  We have had a few situations where the infestation has been so bad that the inspector has had to drive straight home, remove all clothing and release a flea bomb in their car.  Makes you feel itchy just thinking about it!


4.”Do you have somewhere you can go?”  This was sadly something that had to be said to one of the elderly residents after an inspection on her home.  Unfortunately the roof framing was so badly damaged by termites that inspector had to ensure she left the home immediately for her own safety.  Such a sad situation that her home was in such poor condition due to termite attack, but lucky it was discovered before a terrible incident.


5.Do you expect a property to have an extra residence – a squatter?  When you’re in the sub-floor of a property and come across a mattress and some personal items set up like it had only been slept in moments ago, you are keen to crawl out as quickly as possible.  You never know if the person who has claimed this space for their home is going to return, and probably isn’t going to be too happy about their cosy setup being discovered!


So I guess you could say that property inspections can be interesting and not very glamorous but with all of these experiences we keep inspecting and providing the best service to you not matter the working conditions.  So if you require a building inspection, pest inspection, dilapidation inspection or completion report, go with Childs Property Inspections.  With over 21 years of experience we’ll provide you with a professional report, despite the possible challenges.

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