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Uncovering the hidden secrets of a home

An article published on entitled “Five Things Sellers Hide at Open Homes” discusses the all too common problems when purchasing a home. The expertise of a qualified and experienced property inspector from Childs Property Inspections is a must in order to uncover all the hidden secrets and possible defects of a home. Want to know more…..

Some Vendors and Real Estate Agents offer full disclosure of the condition of a property listed for sale by providing an independent Vendor Building Report, Vendor Pest Report and/or Vendor Strata Report. You will find many of these available through our website.  Click here to search through our reports.


As stated in the 2 February 2016 article, some sellers who have something to hide take measures to try to conceal defects or damage. To ensure your best chance of uncovering these issues it is vital that your Building Inspector or Pest Inspector is highly experienced. Childs Property Inspections’ Building inspectors and Pest Inspectors know the “tell-tale” signs of these hidden issues.


At Childs Property Inspections we are continually knowledge sharing and fine tuning our skills and reports. Our inspectors are amongst the most experienced and highly trained inspectors in the industry. Along with this, we pride ourselves on having the clearest and most detailed Property Inspection Reports in Australia.


If you are using one of our Vendor reports you can be assured that this is a completely independent and trusted report. Or if you want to offer full disclosure on the property you are listing for sale then why not engage us to do a Vendor report on your property. This will not only speed up the purchasing process but also show you are NOT one of those sellers trying to conceal defects.


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