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Pre-lease Inspection Report

Pre-Lease Inspection Reports are the best way to protect both the Lessee and the Lessor when properties are leased.  Childs Property Inspections can provide a pre-lease inspection report which clearly details the condition of the property at the start of the lease period and again at the end of the lease period.

Childs Property Inspections has many years experience in carrying out detailed, precise and clear pre-lease inspection reports for both residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection & Pest Report
From $545
Pre-Purchase Building Report
From $405
Pre-Purchase Pest Report
From $315
Strata Report
From $445
Dilapidation Reports
From $355
Building Completion Report
From $395
Termite inspection
From $225
Pre-Purchase Asbestos Reports
From $295
Pre-lease Inspection Report
From $195
Vendor Pre-Sale Report
From $50
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