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Pre-Purchase Pest Report

A pre-purchase timber pest inspector will report on all areas to the homes sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and areas within 50 metres of the dwelling or within the boundary lines.


  • Pre-Purchase Pest Report $265
  • with Thermal Camera $435

The inspector will report on defects such as:

  • Termite activity past or present.
  • Past termite treatments where evidence or paperwork is provided.
  • Borer damage to dry seasoned timbers.
  • Significant decay.
  • Poor sub-floor ventilation.
  • Recommendations to help prevent future termite attack.

We recommend a pest inspection be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection so any termite damage that is detected by the pest inspector can be checked by the builder to determine if repairs are required.

A combined Building and Pest Inspection is carried out by two individual inspectors attending the property where possible at the same time.

All pest inspectors are licenced inspectors and have professional indemnity insurance. Copies of the inspectors insurance policy and licence can be provided upon request.

We believe our pest reports are of superior quality to our competitors for a number of reasons:

  • Many inspection companies use the standard report format offered by their insurer. At Childs property inspections we have developed our own report format that is easier to read.
  • In most cases our inspectors will be qualified in one area only i.e. pest inspections and not building and pest inspections. This results in the inspector conducting a more thorough report and has the added advantage of two inspectors going over the same areas lowering the chance of a defect being missed.

Thermal Camera Pest Reports

Only a small number of inspection companies in Australia use thermal imaging technology due to the high cost of the units, however after discovering many hidden termite nests we believe its worth the cost.

With standard pest inspections, reporting is restricted to those areas visible with the naked eye. Moisture meters are used, however it is not possible to check all wall surfaces with a moisture meter. Unfortunately most termite activity is hidden in wall cavities and is often undetected until termites reach the roof void, particularly if the structure is on a concrete slab footing. By the time termites reach the roof void they have usually caused considerable damage to the wall framing timbers on the way up.

Thermal image camera inspections can extend the inspection boundaries into the wall frame. Termite activity gives off a large amount of heat and moisture which is detectable on wall surfaces using a thermal camera.

Thermal Camera Pest Case Study

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