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Childs Property Inspections is pleased to announce that with each order of our Building Inspections, Pre-Purchase Property Inspections, Pest Inspections and Strata Reports, you will also receive a Comparative Market Analysis from RP Data free of charge.

Since 1991, RP Data has been providing prospective property buyers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate data on property markets in Australia. Today, almost 9000 real estate agents, valuers and financial professionals invest in RP Data reports when they need to understand a market, inside and out.

RP Data Comparative Market Analysis includes key information on the area your prospective property is listed within. It begins with aerial and cadastral mapping of the prospective property, followed by a comparison of properties that are currently on the market, as well as those that have recently sold. A list of the area’s points of interest, including the locations of schools, hospitals, sporting facilities, police, ambulance and fire stations is then included. You then receive detailed figures on how many units, houses and land parcels were sold per annum, what the median price was for each, and trends in capital growth figures. More general social information, such as household structure, household income and the area’s ratio of owners to renters is also added. A RP Data Comparative Analysis report can help you to better determine the market’s characteristics, and in turn, get a better deal.

At Childs Property Inspections, we want you to have as much information as possible on the property you plan on investing in. We understand that many Australians have up to 70 percent of their income tied up in property investment, and that means that nothing should be left to chance. With the inclusion of the RP Data Comparative Analysis Report with each of our Building, Pre-purchase, Pest and Strata reports, we help to make your investment a sound one.

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