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At Childs Property Inspections we can forfill all of your inspection requirements. All of these reports provided by Childs Property Inspections are highly professional and competitively affordable. But our extended service doesn’t stop there as we offer all of these services throughout and beyond Sydney. Childs Property Inspections can provide you with the best inspection reports for both pre-purchase and maintenance needs.


We invite you to download our sample reports so you can see we offer reports that are extremely thorough, high quality and easy to understand. We highly recommend that you do not engage an inspection company to carry out a report for you without seeing the quality of their product.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection & Pest Report
A pre-purchase building inspection is as the name suggests, a report carried out before you buy a property.
$520 May discounted to $495
(with Thermal Cermera $690)
Pre-Purchase Building Report
A pre-purchase building inspection is as the name suggests, a report carried out before you buy a property.
Pre-Purchase Pest Report
A pre-purchase timber pest inspector will report on all areas to the homes sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and areas within 50 metres of the dwelling or within the boundary lines.
(with Thermal Camera $435)
Strata Report
A Strata report details the financial state of the body corporate, management matters, past known building problems etc.
Dilapidation Report – What is a dilapidation report?
A Dilapidation Building Report details the existing condition of a structure, road, footpaths etc prior to building work being carried out on a neighbouring property.
for a single residential building
Building Completion Report
Childs Property Inspections has extensive experience in providing Building Completion/Defects Reports as we have been conducting inspections since 1996 – we consider ourselves experts in our field and our team has a combined experience of over 155 years in the property inspection industry.
From $395
Termite inspection
Details of our Termite inspection are coming soon.
(with Thermal Camera $435)
Pre-Purchase Asbestos Reports
Pre-Purchase Asbestos Reports are highly recommended when purchasing or renovating a property that was built prior to 1991.
Pre-lease Inspection Report
Pre-Lease Inspection Reports are the best way to protect both the Lessee and the Lessor when properties are leased.
Vendor Pre-Sale Report
Vendor Pre-Sale Reports are the ideal way to facilitate the smooth and speedy sale of your property.   A Vendor Pre-Sale Report can be carried out in the form of Building Inspection Report, Pest Inspection Report and/or Strata Inspection Report.
From $50
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