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With the introduction of pre-purchase property inspection legislation, that came into effect in mid 2016, there are a important details that Conveyancers and Purchasers need to be aware of…

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An article published on entitled “Five Things Sellers Hide at Open Homes” discusses the all too common problems when purchasing a home. The expertise of a qualified and experienced property inspector from Childs Property Inspections is a must in order to uncover all the hidden secrets and possible defects of a home. Want to know more…..

Childs Property Inspections has been carrying out Pest Inspections in Sydney and throughout NSW, QLD, Victoria and South Australia since 1996.

We pride ourselves on being one of the premier inspection companies in Australia, with highly trained and qualified inspectors who have many years of building and pest knowledge and inspection experience.

Building Inspections have been carried out by Childs Property Inspections  in Sydney and throughout NSW, QLD, Victoria and South Australia since 1996.


We pride ourselves on being the premier building inspection company in Australia, with highly trained and qualified inspectors who have many years of building knowledge and inspection experience.

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Childs Property Inspections Pre Purchase Online Report system

– making it simple, fast and efficient for all parties.


Building and Pest Inspections have been carried out by Childs Property Inspections since 1996, establishing in Sydney.  We have expanded our services to include building and pest inspections throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Using a thermal imaging camera during a pest inspection is the most accurate way to determine the condition of a property.  A thermal imaging inspection can locate the presence of termite infestation within the structure of the home.

A Dilapidation Report details the existing condition of a structure, road, footpaths etc prior to building work being carried out on a neighbouring property. Most councils as part of a development application will require a dilapidation report be carried out on neighbouring structures.

Quick Building & Pest Reports can be the difference between buying your dream home and missing out. Especially when the market is moving quickly, it is important to be able to make an informed decision without delay.


The perfect way to do this is to buy an inspection report that has already been completed. We offer this service on Building Reports, Pest Reports and Strata Reports.

Childs Property Inspections has extensive experience in providing dilapidation reports.

We provide dilapidation reports for builders, architects and homeowners on single home projects as well as having the capacity and experience to inspect a large number of properties along road widening projects and both large and small developments.

From 29 April 2016 new swimming pool laws state that all properties with a swimming pool or spa, that are sold must ensure the Contract for Sale includes;


* a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance, and a

* a certificate of registration.

In order to ensure that you make the biggest return on your investment in the shortest amount of time possible, there are several things that you should consider before you list your Sydney home for sale.
There are innumerable reasons why it is important to save energy. We need to preserve our energy-generating resources for future generations; we need to reduce the harmful emissions that are produced when we burn fossil fuels; an enormous amount of money can be saved by reducing energy consumption; and so much more.

Building inspections are an important part of the home and commercial property market. A pre-purchase building report will offer a wide variety of information about the condition of a property and estimation for the cost of repairs. The building is assigned a number after being judged against the condition of buildings of a similar size, type, and age. This provides an accurate estimation of the overall quality of the building.

Purchasing a home is a big deal. It is commonly said that the greatest single purchase that the vast majority of people will make in their entire lives is that of a home. Because of this, those preparing to make a financial commitment to a house should understand precisely what it is that they are receiving. Pre-purchase Inspection Reports, also known as building inspection reports, are intended to help with the need of knowing what potential concerns that a house exactly entails.


After over 21 years of inspecting properties the team at Childs Property Inspections have quite a few stories to tell.  You may be surprised to hear that inspecting homes is not always a glamorous job!  Here are our Top 5 behind the scenes stories…..

1.You may read a report that says that the inspection was inhibited by excessive stored goods……. now you would probably picture a neatly made bed blocking the view of a wall or maybe some clothes folded on a shelf in the laundry.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  It is in fact sometimes this horror picture of a bedroom (see picture below) that clearly has not had the sheets washed since Tom Cruise was a fresh new face in Hollywood. And it would seem the resident didn’t like the colour of their carpet so maybe got decorating inspiration from Coca-Cola and Gin!  If you want to play Spot-O you may be able to see the bottle of cologne on the table to ensure they smelt nice each day!


Recently we were called to a property after the new owners had moved in. The home had been constructed on a concrete slab footing and had many concealed areas and restrictions limiting a standard pest inspection.

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