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Inspection Horror Stories

Homeowners and landlords alike should take care not to allow their home or homes to become a building inspector’s chilling horror story. From untreated water damage leading to black mould to holiday houses that have transformed into a termite party, building inspection reports and Sydney property inspections reveal stories so scary that they’ll make you lose sleep at night. Learn from other people’s mistakes; take a look at the stories below, and notice how each horrific scenario could have been avoided.

The Haunted Office

On the other side of the globe, another homeowner’s horror story reveals that it’s not always the pest inspection company that’s at fault – sometimes a nightmare scenario is triggered by a poor pre-purchase building inspection.

American Trina Gardner found out how important a good pre-purchase building inspection is when officials of her small Arizona town slapped her with a big fine for having an office in her garage. The office, which was built by the previous owner of Gardner’s home, violated zoning regulations. Gardner had a pre-purchase building inspection, but the inspector didn’t mention that the office violated the city’s codes. Now Gardner has to pay the fine and figure out how to deal with the office that’s haunting her home.

Sydney property inspections, like the inspection in the story above, should catch any code violations and warn the buyer that there might be code violations before the home is purchased. Gardner’s woeful tale shows how important it is to hire experienced Sydney inspectors.
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Real Estate Agents vs. the Flesh-Eating Living Dead: Who Would Win?

Building inspection reports are often paid for by real estate agents, who are very invested in seeing a good report so that they can sell the house. Real estate agents can mean good money for home inspectors, but real estate agents often have a certain outcome they want to hear from the inspector, and can be as fierce as flesh-eating zombies when the inspector tells them something they don’t like. Don’t believe it? Here’s another all-too common true story from the United States that proves real estate agents often prioritize their bank account over even the safety of the home buyer.

Larry Lake was a home inspector in Ponca City, Oklahoma, right in the heart of small-town America. A local real estate agent had nearly finished the sale of a lovely home to a couple relocating from Colorado, and hired Larry to do the pre-purchase home inspection.

Larry did a test for radon gas at the home, and the results were nightmarish: his equipment showed the home was emitting 48.5 pCi/L. How much radon is that? The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests that safe levels of radon should not exceed 4 pCi/L. Worse yet, Larry found out that the woman who was currently living in the home was sick with lung cancer! Larry called the couple from Colorado to warn them not to buy the house – and the real estate agent was absolutely furious with him for doing so. She told the heroic home inspector she would never hire him or recommend him again.
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These three stories show that a competent pre-purchase building inspection is an absolute must. Don’t buy a home or an investment property without calling us to inspect it first.

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